Contracts, Policies & Staff Handbooks

To be successful a business needs to employ the correct people who understand the culture of that business. The most effective starting point for setting out the business's culture is through the Staff Handbook. We can produce handbooks that are bespoke, setting out your business's culture, aims and ambitions. These handbooks will be legally compliant and offer protection to the business should the need arise. If you prefer simplicity, we can produce basic and legally compliant policies for your business, or review your existing policies to ensure they are up to date.

Sometimes businesses do not employ the right people, or have the correct people but in the wrong position, which can lead to problems in working relationships. We will ensure that you have the appropriate policies to manage issues if they arise in the most effective way, whilst minimising disruption to the business.

It is a legal requirement for employers to provide their employees with a written statement of terms and conditions. We can produce contracts for your employees which protect your business whilst providing clarity to employees of what it expects them of. Your business may want to protect itself against future unfair competition from ex-employees and we can work with you to produce tailored covenants which will have a greater prospect of being held enforceable by a court if the need should ever arise.

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