Work Related Stress & Violence

Recent research shows that work-related stress is widespread and it is not unique to any particular organisation, or any particular role. Whilst a certain amount of stress can be a motivating factor for many employees, when it becomes too much, it can damage an employee's health and lead to a reduction in performance for your company, as well as contributing to a decrease in employee retention. Work-place stress can manifest itself where an employee is unable to cope with the work demands being placed on them. This results in many working days lost time, ill health and high staff turnover.

At Sagrave, we can assist your company by designing and implementing a stress strategy, to identify areas of risk or concern, and put in place mechanisms to reduce or remove those areas. A well designed programme can assist in defending claims against your company from employees in stress related personal injury claims and lead to an increase in organisational well-being and having healthier and more engaged employees.

Violence in the workplace is unacceptable and employers are under a legal duty to ensure that its employees are not exposed to violence. Unfortunately, on occasion, employees can be exposed to violence at work from fellow workers and third parties. We can assist by designing policies that work for your company by publicising the issue and in the event that an incident occurs, set out clear procedures to ensure that the employee is well looked after and your company is protected.

If you would like to discuss stress programmes or violence at work, please contact us.