Employment Tribunal Representation

If your business faces a potential or actual claim from an employee or ex-employee, we can assist you by:-

  • dealing with any contact with ACAS through their pre-conciliation claim process and providing you with a quick assessment of the strengths of your defence to the claim and potential financial exposure, setting out at an early stage your potential costs for defending the claim;
  • providing you with a detailed assessment of risk if the claim proceeds to Employment Tribunal, setting out your potential financial exposure, the steps involved in the Tribunal process and details of witnesses that will be required to attend.
  • providing Employment Tribunal familiarisation training for your witnesses to prepare them for the task of giving evidence;
  • responding to and drafting your business's defence to the claim;
  • explain at all parts of the process your business's options to ensure that we are always assessing and re-evaluating our position as the matter progresses;
  • assist you throughout the process by preparing the Tribunal documentation (which you will need to supply to us), explaining the process throughout and taking statements from the witnesses we will call on your business's behalf;
  • provide representation at the hearing itself; and
  • provide feedback after the process of the learning points for your business to reduce the risks going forward.

If you would like to discuss our services, please contact us.