It is a key legal requirement for any workplace investigation to be fair, unbiased and as comprehensive as the circumstances require. A well managed investigation can be the difference between maintaining an employee's trust and confidence and a complete breakdown in a working relationship, possibly leading to your business losing a key and valued employee and/or to a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

In our experience, businesses often lack the time or someone with the relevant skills or impartiality to conduct the investigation, which can lead to an investigation being completed that offers little protection to the business. At Sagrave, we can carry out investigations for your business which will be fully compliant with ACAS guidelines and UK employment law. We have extensive experience of completing all types of investigation for disciplinaries, grievances, bullying and harassment and into whistleblowing allegations. We also have experience of carrying out investigations involving people holding high profile public appointments.

Our consultant's experience has ranged from completing relatively simple investigations to very complex and sensitive investigations involving many witnesses. Through our experience, we are able to interview individuals at all levels within an organisation, build trust to ensure, as far as possible, the co-operation of witnesses. Our consultant is an extremely experienced Employment Tribunal advocate, who understands what areas to look into and at what level of detail to ensure that your organisation has a fair, independent and robust investigation which minimises its legal and financial exposure.

If you would like to discuss our experience in more detail and how we may be able to assist, please contact us.