Hearing Appeals

At Sagrave, our consultant has acted for several public and private sector clients to hear and determine disciplinary and grievance hearings and appeals. This has included sitting as the appointed representative for vice-chancellor's at several Higher Education Institutions, hearing appeals from academics and senior post-holders, many of whom had legal representation available during the hearing itself.

We believe that many employment issues which become employment tribunal claims can often be traced back to an ineffective disciplinary or grievance hearing where the employee did not believe they had a fair hearing. We have had feedback from several individuals who may not have agreed with our consultant's findings but respected the fact that the consultant was fair, impartial and provided them with the opportunity to be listened to and have their opinions considered carefully.

Our consultant has nearly 20 years' experience as an employment solicitor and partner with an international law firm, and is able to deliver his findings in a legally compliant manner which accords with UK employment law and ACAS best practice.

We can assist businesses where they have exhausted the available senior people in their organisation to hear any appeal or where, because the senior individuals have worked closely with the employee, they do not feel they are able to determine the matter independently. If you would like to discuss an issue your business is facing, please contact us.