Strategic Projects

Strategic Projects

Our consultant has a wealth of experience in all types of strategic projects. Simon has been involved in advising upon, designing and implementing employee projects to:-

  • achieve a merger of 24 separate businesses to create one company, with a total value of over £1 billion and employing over 5,000 employees;
  • merge 2 separate companies to create one company with a total value of £10 billion and employing over 15,000 employees;
  • manage the scaling back of a European business by relocating several job functions into other EU countries, completing several collective redundancy exercises in the UK, as well as completing several TUPE transfers to transfer employees to other UK group companies;
  • complete TUPE transfers in and out of many companies;
  • consult employees on closing defined benefits pension schemes and opening stakeholder or defined contribution schemes.

Successful businesses succeed through innovation and adapting to changing circumstances. Strategic projects involving business change will often affect a significant proportion of your employees and proper planning can ensure the change project succeeds and reduces your legal and financial risk.

Typical projects you may require from us include:-

  • redundancy exercises - involving a single or limited number of employees;
  • large scale redundancy exercises affecting 20 or more employees;
  • business reorganisations where employee numbers remain static but employees are moved into new roles;
  • TUPE transfers into or out of your business;
  • acquiring new businesses or disposing of businesses or parts of;
  • outsourcing or insourcing certain business functions;
  • changing contracts of employments or other contractual terms;
  • setting up or revamping employee consultation or staff committees;

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