Workplace Mediation

At Sagrave, we assist our clients by providing tailored solutions to issues that they may encounter. As a business you will have various mechanisms for dealing with issues in a formal manner often through a grievance or anti-harassment and bullying procedure. Sometimes both employer and employee automatically resort to a formal process when dealing with matters in an informal manner may result in a better outcome for all.

Failing to deal with conflict in a timely manner can often lead to serious and lasting damage to working relationships. Sometimes employees are not able to move on and this can quickly lead to a business suffering from lower productivity, a reduction in employee morale leading to higher sickness absence, further grievances and possibly employment tribunal complaints. This is all bad news for a business.

Workplace mediation can offer a quick, effective and flexible solution by focussing on resolution of the issue, instead of dealing with the matter in a formal and often inflexible way which can encourage employees to become adversarial at an early stage. We can assist by encouraging parties to understand the other party's view and to work towards agreeing a course of action between them that, more often than not, they have suggested. In our experience, where parties have an active input into the resolution, rather than having a decision imposed upon them, they are more likely to abide by the agreement, leading to a permanent resolution of the issue. If workplace mediation does not work, then we can advise on the formal processes and also consider the removal of one or more employees from your organisation in a manner which allows those individuals to leave with dignity, whilst minimising legal and financial exposure for your business.

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