HR Helpline

We offer a "wise counsel" helpline, which allows you to contact us to discuss an issue. Our approach is to look at what your business wants as an outcome and to work backwards from that point to plot out the routes available to achieve this. It might be that the issue has just arisen and you want to discuss how to manage it from that point on, identifying the options and the potential pit falls. It might be that you have considered the issue in detail and simply want someone to act as a sounding board to consider whether you've missed anything or whether there might be a quicker or more robust solution. You may simply want someone to "sense check" any key correspondence you are sending out to an employee or their representative. Whatever your issue, we can assist through our telephone or email helpline.

We can offer a time used charging rate (i.e. you pay for the time you use) or we can agree a monthly retainer where you pay a fixed sum per month and we deal with the issues as they arise. This will mean that some months you may not contact us at all and in other months you use our services very frequently. The monthly retainer option allows you to manage your expenditure confidently knowing that there is a steady payment rather than having to deal with peaks and troughs of expenditure.

At Sagrave, we are here to offer your business pragmatic solutions, so let us know what works for you and we will try our best to accommodate it. If you would like to discuss our services, please contact us.